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Visualize, Materialize & Anchor Your Goal Exercise


Before completing this exercise, think about what you would like to achieve and bring a specific goal to mind. Write it out and read it out loud a couple of times. Ensure you have some quiet, uninterrupted time set aside to complete the exercise. 
Start by taking a few deep breaths and relax.
Then close your eyes and see yourself having achieved your goal. 

Consider the following questions and create the responses in your mind's eye: 
  • What does the successful achievement of your goal look like? 
  • What does it feel like?
  • What is going on around you...what are you doing?
  • What are you saying?
  • What are you hearing other people say?
  • Engage all of your senses. Is there anything associated with your goal you can feel yourself touching, smelling, or tasting?
  • Brighten the colors.
  • Make the images larger and brighter.
  • Turn up those wonderful feelings of having accomplished your goal.
  • When you are ready, with your dominant hand, press your thumb and forefinger together while thinking or saying out loud the words "My Goal", which will anchor the feelings.
When you are ready, open your eyes and immediately write down the images you saw and the emotions you felt. Read them as often as possible, recalling the images and sensations.

Repeat the exercise when possible. The more frequently you repeat this exercise, the more quickly successful goal achievement will be attracted into your life.

When ever you want to recall the feelings of your successful goal achievement, say the anchor words, "My Goal" while pressing your thumb and forefinger together.

For example, if you have anchored confidence in public speaking, you would repeat the full exercise until you can quickly and easily recall the feelings by using the anchor, such as just before giving a speech.

If you prefer to be guided through an enhanced process similar to the above, go to the tab "Goal Achievement Anchoring Audio" in FREE stuff and listen to the audio.

Congratulations on achieving your goal!