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Motivational Hypnosis CDs with price

Did you know that visualizing what you want helps you achieve it?

When you hold a picture in your mind of what you want to achieve, whether that's a healthy lifestyle, public speaking confidence, or peace and spiritual connectivity, you are actually helping to create that in your future! 

The Road to Life Motivational Hypnosis CDs will help you go there in the mind, so you can go there in the body!
Accelerate change in your life! Authored and narrated by Laurie Bonello, these CDs gently guide you with visualization and hypnosis to achieve your goals. Create the life you desire now!  
Goal Achievement Acceleration with the Law of Attraction: Using the principles of the Law of Attraction, accelerate your ability to attract successful goal achievement! Visualize and experience your accomplished goal and anchor the feelings of successful goal achievement into your mind and body, attracting it to you more quickly. Go to FREE stuff to listen to the goal achievement visualization (without a hypnosis induction) and to listen to the affirmations recorded on the CD.   
Your Healthy Self Image & the Law of Attraction: As the Law of Attraction brings together similar energies, we draw to us thoughts, feelings and circumstances that are in harmony with the beliefs we hold about ourselves. Enhance your self image and create healthy beliefs to clear the path to receive everything you desire.   
Internal Energy Cleanse: Be guided to a special healing place to cleanse your body of negative energy. A gentle waterfall purifies and balances your energy using the colors of the seven major chakras, your energy centers. Use morning and evening to start your day invigorated and energized; and retire at night feeling refreshed and calm. 
Release Negative Emotions & Find Forgiveness: Release negative thoughts, emotions and past events through forgiveness. Accelerate personal growth and expansion. Releasing these emotions will assist you in creating a life of abundance and well-being. 

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