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Motivational Hypnosis CD - Goal Achievement Acceleration
I was preparing for an exam and I was doing okay until the Sunday before. By Monday I wasn't even sure why I had decided to write the exam. Monday night I knew I needed drastic action. I took out your CD "Goal Achievement Anchoring" and I listened to it four times between Monday night and Tuesday afternoon! By the time I wrote the exam I was very calm and knew (as we always know but sometimes forget) what was meant to be would be. Well, I just got my marks and I passed!!  So a very special hug and thank you to you!!
Motivational Hypnosis CD - Release Negative Emotions & Find Forgiveness and Internal Energy Cleanse
I finished 30 days with the forgiveness CD and it helped me a lot. I have moved on and faced some past issues and am now free and clearTwo girls from work borrowed your other CDs and they loved them too. They said you have a great soothing voice... I absolutely love your Energy Cleanse CD as well. It carries me to great peace!!!!
Client Feedback - Sleep Well   
I have had insomnia for over 18 years. I had difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, and falling back to sleep when I would wake up, and I was taking four sleeping pills a night and was still not sleeping adequately.
After one session of hypnosis with Laurie, I had two consecutive nights of good sleep, which is unheard of for me. I also got back to sleep easier when I woke up. The nightmares I used to have were also reduced and now I don't fear bedtime anymore, as I used to be afraid of what a sleepless night would bring, and when I did sleep for a bit, I knew I would have nightmares.
After two sessions of hypnosis, I am now sleeping again on a regular basis! I have reduced the number of sleeping pills I am taking, and in general, I feel more relaxed and at ease.
Bev W 
Client Feedback - Release Pain  
Through hypnotherapy I had the privilege to work with Laurie in addressing a life long issue of menstrual pain. I had consciously  tried to understand and remedy this concern through prescription and over-the-counter drugs, minor surgeries, visualizations, etc. for more than 25 years.
While working with Laurie I felt an immediate ease and was very comfortable, which I believe assisted me in being able to confront deep subconscious beliefs I had unknowingly planted long ago. By way of Laurie's intuitive guidance and skillful communication, I realized I had made decisions as far back as the time of my birth that created a pattern of limiting beliefs. Laurie assisted in guiding me to understand how these buried thoughts contributed to the development of my physical pain. This was an incredible discovery for me.
I am extremely thrilled to share that I no longer take any medication, which is truly a miracle!
I would definitely recommend Laurie to anyone who is seeking a professional, intuitive, and compassionate hypnotherapist.
Corinne C
Client Feedback - Lose Weight  
I have always struggled with my weight and for the most part it has been winning. I have tried everything, starvation diets, weight-loss clinics, diet pills, pretty much every gimmick that came along. I dread thinking about how much money I have spent! I would definitely lose weight but in no time it had all found its way back to me and often brought along some friends. I had heard about being hypnotized to lose weight and figured why not give it a try. I can't say I had nothing to lose because I was desperate to lose 50 pounds. I put off making the appointment at first because I really didn't think that there was any chance this would work. In January, I went to my first session, not knowing what to expect. Laurie immediately put me at ease. She has such a calming way about her and after just talking for the first 20 minutes I felt like this might work. The session was emotional for me, but after it was over I felt totally different. All of my fat problems that were kept away started to surface and I felt in control of them now. I have since attended my second session and can't wait until my next one. It is now April and I have lost 20 pounds and have absolutely no craving for sweets, which amazes me. I enjoy working out and haven't missed too many walks with my husband when he takes our dog out. I feel like I don't have to hide anymore.
I urge you to try this technique and I strongly recommend Laurie to guide you through it.
Cient Feedback - Public Speaking  
I have heard nothing but positive comments about "The Road to Life", so I decided to research hypnosis and give it a go.
After meeting with Laurie and sharing my main issue, she was very comforting and warming to deal with... I used to get very anxious and panicked when talking to or in groups, sometimes to the point of not getting my point across. I have to do presentations to management and or employees of different companies on a regular basis and this was always affected due to my fears.
After working with Laurie for several sessions and helping me with various techniques, I now find these situations very easy. The results were outstanding and enjoyable, as I now look forward to my next presentation.
I now look back and wonder, what really was the issue?? Laurie helped me a great deal and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.

Client Feedback - Public Speaking   
My job requires me to conduct presentations to audiences ranging from six to 600. This posed a great deal of stress and anxiety for me, which usually lasted for days leading up to the day and during the presentation itself. 
I had the fortune of knowing Laurie, a qualified hypnotherapist, and asked her if she could help me overcome my fears, which would allow me to become more confident in this skill and ultimately more successful in my career.
Our first session started out with Laurie asking a number of questions to ensure she understood my concerns and how best to apply the various modalities available to her. We met twice and she used hypnosis, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Laurie was very thorough in explaining each modality and also taught me how to practice and utilize these techniques myself.
I found the results after two sessions remarkable. My confidence and delivery in subsequent presentations were vastly improved. I have received a number of complements along with requests to provide presentations to other groups. I strongly recommend you consider these techniques if you suffer from a fear of public speaking!
Doug S