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Guest Speaking & Workshop Facilitation

Laurie shares her experiences as a cancer survivor and her journey to wellness. She shares favourite techniques and tools that helped her create a life that is more meaningful and well as more fun!

In her workshop "Finding Peace in the Chaos of Life" she shares strategies to enhance wellness by reducing negative reactivity to the smaller, moment-to-moment challenges in life, as well as in response to "the big stuff."


Workshop participants learn about:

  • stress, anxiety/fear and the impact on the body and mental/emotional state
  • response-ability (responding versus reacting) and why it's important in our day-to-day life experience
  • managing the mind to reduce stressful and anxious thoughts and feelings.

Activities and tools include:

  • how to cultivate mindfulness/presence
  • how to accept and redirect anxious thoughts and relax the body
  • relaxation and mindfulness practices that combine body and mental awareness to help focus and refocus the mind, connect to the present, and to control what we can--our response to life's challenges.

This inspiring workshop is well-suited for a wide a variety of occasions; from small gatherings in your home to large events through your association, club, or organization. Laurie's wellness journey and training help her help others to live life in a more meaningful and peaceful way.